Tackling Reopening Business Concerns

COVID 19 has left many business-based relationships with key public's hanging on a string. Lifting the stay at home orders are opening doors for brands to create new relationships, build loyal relationships, and mend broken relationships. Rippling effects of COVID 19 have also created outdated and out of touch brands who are currently trying to find the new needs of their consumers as doors reopen. Corona has stained the usual dress of Business, creating an opportunity for other problems to bust through Brand seams, leaving holes in many places, especially in brand pockets.

Business owners everywhere are experiencing great unbelief as they begin to reopen business doors. Many business owners and CEOs are wondering what they should do to meet business goals as the economy attempts to drive forward. Unanswered questions and concerns come to mind when addressing reopening needs such as cutting employees, keeping company morale high, cutting business expenses including employee payroll, office supplies, and other services that the brand relies on.

However, this is not the time to speculate on how to cope with the impacts of COVID 19 on business. We know tough decisions must be made due to no fault of the brands, owners, employees, or customers. Unsure yet eager, companies press forward preparing a COVID-19 plan for public safety while overlooking real brand needs, goals, and success measures that will build sustainable relationships.

Although many companies may want to address all issues, some businesses will choose to address the most important concerns. Many business leaders express worry about the overwhelming burdens of impact leading to the defeated, exhausted mind of brand leaders and the ultimate demise of the company left running on fumes. As issues increase, brand leaders will become too distracted to address important brand needs and will more likely fail to accommodate the new needs of their key customers.

In times like these, businesses have to stitch together a special customer rapport that will create, mend, and rejoin relationships with the brand. Building mutually beneficial relationships with key publics including brand customers, brand communities, and other brand stakeholders is the most effective way to establish and reestablish these relationships. Brands must align business goals with their key public needs to build those mutually beneficial relationships that will enlarge brand reach.

Long before the coronavirus appeared, Bill Gates once said his last dollar would be spent on public relations strategy. Now, Gates would agree the first dollar a brand spends should be on Public Relations Strategy during times like this. He understands that any dollar spent on public relations is worth the thousands of dollars a proper public relations strategy brings to a brand.

Involving a public relations strategist early on is key to success. Those brands that communicate with a public relations strategist before launching to the public have a much higher success rate compared to those who don't involve a PR professional to guide them.

Having someone who specializes in public relations to assist your brand in meeting its business needs will eliminate concerns and create solutions for the brand and the public. Reopening your business, knowing exactly what your customers' needs are, how your customers feel, and how your brand can help their public, all come with a proper public relations strategy.

Allowing a strategy stylist to stitch your brand’s strategy together to give your Brand a designer original, will help meet your Brands needs and goals without losing sight of the day to day business. Brands can always channel their inner Molly Ringwald if they are feeling Pretty in Pink. Although brands that are confident enough to stitch their own strategy together should always seek guidance first. Brands who decide to hire a strategy stylist to stitch together a tailor-made original design of strategy, stitched with their style in mind, find themselves at a great advantage. Tailor-made strategy fit for the brand’s reputation, the current situation, and the key public it serves allows business leaders to focus on the day to day issues that need attention.

Whichever way you prefer to dress your brand, PRfect PR can help stitch together a strategy to fit your brand's needs. If your brand is looking for an affordable, “Pretty in Pink’, Molly Ringwald, DIY strategy, we can help you stitch your strategy together with our 12 step self-threading strategy course. If your brand prefers a tailored, Coco Chanel stylized strategy, our strategy stylist at PRfect PR can have your strategy stitched together in no time, based on your time. We offer reasonable plans with below industry prices topped with above expectation quality and performance. Our plans are #PRfect for producing profitable results. For more information on how PRfect PR can help your Brand get ready for its red carpet return,

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