The Power of PR

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

All businesseses, just like people, have goals and plans for the year. Unfortunately, not all business have a public relations plan to mirrors the business esgoals and plans for the year. This becomes the demise of the businesses goals and plans.

A good public relations plan is worth the business's last dollar. Bill Gates said “If I had one dollar left, I’d spend it on PR." This is just one of the reasons Bill Gates will never see his last dollar. Unlike Gates, smaller businesses tend to forgo PR and just go straight to social media. Mismanaging the power of this public relation tool is the easiest way to damage a reputation as we have seen several times in 2019 with stars such as Roseanne who was fired for her social media rants, and also the 45th President elect Donald J. Trump who seems to be the face behind what not to do on social media unless you have money and power.

The reason many do not understand the power of public relations is because many don't know exactly what public relations is. According to the Public Relations Society of America, “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” Public relations builds, influences, and engages relationship with key stakeholders in order to shape, frame and protect an organization's reputation.

Public relations includes a diversity of work from

Corporate Communications,

Crisis Communications,

Executive Communications,

Internal Communications,

Investor Relations Communications,

Marketing Communications,

Integrated Marketing/Integrated Marketing Communications,

Media Relations,

Content Creation,

Social Media,

Multimedia Reputation Management,


Industry Relations,

Executive Speech Training,

Research and Evaluation,

Media Analysis,


Community Relations,

Governmental Affairs

Events Management,

Public Affairs,

Branding and corporate reputation management

and Brand Journalism.

Outsourcing your public relations needs to an agency brings fresh prospective, expertise and resources. Coupling this with an effective practice of strategic thinking, problem- solving capability, and other management skills helps to push initatives towards success.

The Power of PR is in the relationship the PR person has with the public and their ability to tell Your Brands story. Our job is to fact finds and get to the heart and core of our companies and clients to tell those stories to the world in real words to reach real people and really be heard

To find out more about how you can be position, connect, and elevate your brand please reach out to schedule a consultation.

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